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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  June 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> right now at six celebration i think the district annual a capital, we'll have a bunch more on the days festivities. >> a former contestant on the voice was shot and killed. we'll have the latest on the the investigation. >> summer may officially be a week away it definitely feelsely like it. into the '90s forcing a lot of t you to stay inside. gwen will check in. >> i'm psychiatric low kay. >> lauren demarco. dem we begin with a majoror celebration in the district as s crowdstr gathers for the capital pride parade.pade >> it began a short time ago in northwest.t. we find tisha lewis who has more. its
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>> reporter: it is hot out here. talk about a picture perfect day for a parade had raid for a lot of people out here. we are standing along the parade root. excitement andxcit the energy and also the magic in the area which of course is very fiting. this years theme is make magic happen and more than 150 thousand people are doing just that. seen so many groups march including police and department of justice and also dc government led by mayor bowser. right now we are looking at more groups larching on our left. this is lgbt. you can see lots of, lots of excitement here along 14th
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streets. what i can tell you is that there are nearly 200 organizations participating in this year's parade. a lot of people traveled to comt to this parade. and i want to speak to you all right here's first of all wherer are yostu from. >> stephanie.>> >> jordan from alexandria. >> okay. so what does make magic happen mean to you. >> happiness forever one what ever that means to you andea that's magical. m >> ability to bring together tog people of all ages, raises, this a chance to celebrate everythinb you are proud of it matters. >> jordan how would you describe the vibe out here i know you can feel the excitement and energy what is it like. >> positive, in exclusive all the community work that makes you feel happy inside a reallyel wonderful feeling to have this h kind of public space with this i kind of people make
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happy to be a life and in dc right now. >> i know this is not your first pride parade, how does this parade compare to years past. >> it's really exciting every ee year it feels like there's more and more progress for lbgt. lbg feels like every year everythinr gets better and better, and so that's been the pattern more anr more happiness and joy. >> it feels like its bigger and bigger, people on their way. and for blocks and blocks in every direction people are celebrating which makes it fields. >> reporter: waits been yourte favorite float so far r:i thinki liked, the soul cycle that, was pretty expsyche waits been yours into we like the fairy dog mothers. >> snow anything with dogs in ig is the best one so
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important. >> reporter: okay stephanie andn jordan thank so you much for for joining us. this years grand marshal is leslie jordan from will and grace. there's a lot of street closurec if you are watching at home you still have time to get out here you want to be wear where you park and drive. jim and lauren back to you. you >> tisha thank you very much.. the outside no matter what you were doing it was a great day we don't want to engining it junenn has been a pleasant surprise compared to may. m question tonight is there morehr great weather in the future for that answer let's check with gwen. i'm happy the weatherer cooperated for the parade, who o doesn't want wonderful weat
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when there's a parade. we had plenty sunshine and itn was a hot one. the humidity kicked in as well. headlights day take a look at dy the numbers we broke the record at dulles, it was you're degrees at reagan -- 9 nicks degrees ata baltimore. we said it was going to be hot, in the '90s, we said we'd? >> humidity you know what it alt came to be.e. so right now in dc it is 96 degrees, humidity is at 30%. we're going to see improvement as we move into tonight and tomorrow. elsewhere we now have 95 degreee at manassas.s. into at annapolis, baltimore 94. 88 leonard down, into fredericke and 91 winchester. heat on for today. and as far as our dewpoints are concerned, i i want to say right
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definitely improving with dewpoints into the 50s and low d 60 pretty much across the board we will see less humidity oncee we get into tomorrow. so here's a look at satellite radar, not much happening hereig at all as you can see s i want to say that i can not rule out maybe a little pop up isolatedte storm.m. right now there's some activityt north of the mason kicks line in pennsylvania, we're watching that close to if it should take its way down, just so you know k this something keeping an eye on for the evening hours at least. once we get into a little bititt later in the night the threat will be no longer there. well to the north of us, tomorrow will be another day heading to the '90s. its going to be a hot w overnight lows talking about into the 70s so its going to bet a warm night tonight. winds will be light. l tomorrow we'll see winds pick uc as well. and we are talking about sunday
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i'll have full 7-day forecast fr coming up in just a bit. back to you. >> it was a beautiful day for af royal celebration in england. this was a scene at queen s elizabeth enjoyed her 99th birthday. she stared the stage with the sny west member princess charlotte. look at that little cute tea.ea. she mated a day buy a,he 13 1 month old toddler is now known aspirin says charlotte of cambridge fourth in line. last year queen elizabeth became great britains longest serving monarch. >> young singer's life christina grimmie, it was shot and killed after a concert last night in no. according to police, the suspect had several weapons on him. foxs -- >> reporter: suspect in this case is not from or land dough.
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a parent dollar commit this crime and then had plans toad travel back to where he came from. a former formemie voice contestant had just performed and was signing autographs after the show with about 120 fans still around her. >> the a the show they were signing autographs and they were selling mer dies and he wobbleda up to her hadn't shot her. >> reporter: the singer's brother who police are calling a hero tackled the shooter therehe is when the suspect shot and killed himself. >> 22 year old christina rose to fame on the voice coming inin third place in 2014. she was just 19 at the time. on the show, mega star adam la 15 of the band maroon 5 was the singer's mentor when news broke he took to soci
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caption reading in part, quote, i am sad, shocked and confused.n we love so you much this just isn't fair. orlando police not releaseing the suspect's name or motive at this point. they are looking into how he h managed to get multiple weapons past that venues' security sec guards. latest from dallas, case speak goal fox news.goal >> just a few moments ago police identified the gunman as kevin james. coming up on fox 5 oprah winfrey here in dc will tell you the very important reason she was ih the district. and what she's doing to helpo local women in need. putting books down for tools this project welcomed in the long run back after after this. this.
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>> prince george's county schooe now have a brand new outdoor classroom. they helped construct it i themselves this morning. >> lindsay watts shows us learning gardens to some low income schools. >> reporter: with every scoop ov dirt and brush of paper,rush students are bringing to life a new place to learn. >> i can't wait tosses theses flowers. they are going to be pretty. >> reporter: a nonprofit called real school gardens makes it happen, working with low income schools around the country to t give a gift that keeps growing. >> after we build the garden we spend two years on campus training teachers to use it. weep don't build it and leave we are here long term. >> reporter: the lucky school i here in adelphi, called
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harris mother joe. >> we call it mojo. >> reporter: principal can'tter: wait to take classes outside. >> most of my students live in apartments. this games them a chance to seea what works and what doesn't. >> reporter: this hands on kind of environment has been shown to help their test score with biggest gains in science. sci when it is all, there will be vegetables, fruits growing a much anticipated sculpture. >> it will be standing right s here. >> reporter: a center piece constructed with recycled the bottles and painted by hand. >> i'm excited to see the sculpture. >> reporter: there are more than in nine hundred students that attend this schooling.te something like this could bend coming to a school near you. er
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maryland, dc and virginia. in adelphi lindsay watts fox 5 local news. >> also in prince george'sprin county, police need your help to find a man who followed a woman from a metro stop. then sexually assaulted her u it happened thursday morning inside a business in garden city drive in landover. they believe he followed the victim from the metro station. she released hour hoping someono will recognize him a red shirt with a cross or plus sign-noon sny also walks with a limp. we're asking the community if if you have any information please give us call.all. >> oh, my god. he scares me. i usually come here especially at that time since i go to school. i'm not here in the morning, but to me safe in the morning. >> here he is again if he recognize this man police wantsc to hear from you. prince george's countyce police have identified
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vick tills found last night outside of handle apartmentandle building santos and row bert tow we're found by officers in the 2100 block of gill forward road in hyattsville.ille police have been called to the building for a welfare chair. award of 25 thousand dollars is being offered for me information that leads to an arrest. >> in the district now a man is recovering tonight after he was stabbed along 9th street in northwest. police say the victim suspect v got into an argument over an uber suspect pulled out a switchblade and stabbed the victim. someone tried to stop the altercation, they are asking anyone with information to givef them aor call. that was one of four that fou happened overnight in the t district adult male and femaled shot along the 13 hundred blockd of rigs place. an hour later a man was stabbed k and northwest, shortly after that two men stabbed on the onee thousand blog of twenty-sixth street. verdict of the rape case involved 20 year
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the decision by a california judge to sentence the former stanford swimmer to only a six month jail sentence continues to cause back lash across the nation. >> reporter: the push to recallc judge erin% sixty three and gaining for momentum after sparking national outrage for sentencing turner to six months in county jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. more than 17.2k million people signing petitions demanding he be un seated.d. prosecutors argue turner shouldd have been sentenced to six yearx in prison after being convicted of three felonies for sexually assault inning the 22 year old victim behind a campus dumpster january of last year. instead the judge said a prison sentence would have a severeever impacted on turner on theing to go with the recommend for a
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lesser sentence 33 years probation. 16 california lawmakers have written letter urge having investigation. stanford law professor is leagua effort to garner about 70 gar thousand handwritten signature't from local voters needed to put his recall on the ballot. he ran un opposed in to yous primary set to begin a new six-year term in january.uary >> in this decision is an outrage it makes every woman ata college in the state off california less safe.. it particular makes women ats we stanford less safe and we need judges who understand thestan consequences of sexual i lens and who want to give -- >> reporter: local publiclic defender coming out in support of the judge, who believe he used proper judicial discretion considering turner as first time offender. >> i believe we warped our condition to believe that punishment is the answer to
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crime. and that prison in particular ia the answer: professional tests are expectedded sunday at stanford university duringduring commencement ceremonies, in new york, brian webbness fox news fo into coming pup we'll he hit the campaign travel trump with tra strong words for his competition. >> we'll show you how dc police officers made a positive impacti on a little boy after his bike was damaged in an accident. we're when we come come back. back.
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>> former press bill presidentes clinton in the area he stopped at eastern market on capital hill shakeing hands with a crowd of supporters out there. >> he was walking around, i turned around i said that's president president clinton i called my friend we followed him we saw him. >> a lot of presidential selfies, he was to attend a fundraiser for his wife. >> trump is campaigning in crucial battle ground state today presumptive gop
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criticized members of his own o party who questioned his credentials he also took aim at hillary clinton.nt >> bernie sander said that hillary clinton is not qualified to be president. and he said it because she has h bad judgment and she does have e bad judgment look at the mess she got us into with syria, everything she touches, you are going to have four more years oe that we won't have a country left, folks, believe me. >> sny also held another rally outside of pittsburgh.ts >> back here at home today at the last day for early voting in dc ahead of the citys primary. nine polling center across theoh district they are open tonight until seven p.m.. battle is brewing over the defense bill the senate expected to pass it next week. divisions surface over amendments and the white house
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>> reporter: senate is expectedd to pass the defensive bill on monday to fund our nations nat military a few of its provisiono are dividing republicans. one would change the selective service act to require women too register for the draft.. that prompted heritagee foundation to call on senators to reject the bill despite whatt it would authorize for our military in 2017.017. heritage put out a statement reading regardless of whateverr merits the bill may have itt deserves to be defeated because lawmakers should not force younu women into military servicesy through selective service. ser that was not part of the defense bill republicans pushed through the house last no month. they may leave it out of thet ou final version they send to the presss go -- a threat gpo
6:24 pm
responded is addressed. >> deep taken niece aren't in for parking ticket they areki there becausnge they want to kil americans and hate everything that we stand for. the white house however has noto ruled out unilateral ac. closing began tan noa bay wouldb jeopardy our security. >> just last hot white house expressed frustration with republicans to get the bill passed up the first plies. f >> we need congress to get outon of the way. they have prevented administration from doing what is necessary to protect therote american people. >> reporter: expected to vote oe and passxp the defense billill monday, between now and then lawmakers could still add on other amendments. in washington, i'm gary tin tin >> fox 5 has you covering up,. , >> join bob, ron nick ka and toa for five on the hill you can watch at eight:30 in the
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this. over trump's judge comments soms party leaders are calling racist and the way ahead for the gop nominee. hillary clinton makes history ae the first woman to win a major party's nomination. and picking up a bunch of key endorsement. we'll talk to president clinton -- the strategy for taking on trump investigation still dogino president clinton all this week on fox news sunday.
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>> dc police officers always go above and beyond call of duty but wait until you see this a 12 year old boy needed help with his bike of the police did more than that. >> its an experience he will not forget. >> reporter: it's christmas inra june for 12 year old robert thompson the dc boy way rideing his bike on wednesday and road r into some trouble. >> i was rideing the bike, i lost control going down the hill. and my whole bike broke downow that's how i lost control. i hit the gate and that's when my back wheel it like flipped
6:29 pm
>> reporter: sergeant robertte parkerr: was outside the firsth district station when he saw thompson walking his bike andnd noticed it wasn't in good shape he and one of the other detective decided to help him out. >> when he came in i was impresse with how friendly hey e was he was asking questions about what went on we got down to work to try to figure the box. >> we walked to the firehouse and put air in the tire on our way back we heard something thee tire went flat we brought it back, we told him we got some gt bad news for you the tire is flat but we're going to fix it for you come back tomorrow and then we'll have it ready four: the detective said they wantedae to do more for the boy they said this kid don't have any breaks, pedal was broke why don't with w send an email out to final the t office and buy him a new bike: it didn't take long everyone ine the office stepped up the detective had enough money to buy robert a new
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they surprised him the followinf day with a new one. and helmet he promised to wear with it. >> she was smiling from ear to ear. >> reporter: the detectiveor simplyte wanted to do somethings nice for robert but the gifthe represents much more.uc >> seminar time somebody ask him or say something toe him about the police or something negative about the police heel will havel his story he can tell them a poses tiff story.pose >> they help people.eopl when you need help they come: c act of kindness he'll never forget. sarah simmons, fox 5 local news. >> that's going to have a big impact. >> i think it is important whent to get an opportunity to meet police officers they don't get the best press. >> all right. now another great story. we although oprah winfrey lovers to give. you get a car. >> i love cars. >> well, remember the cars, yess and other
6:31 pm
gave way on her show into she provide a charity with a huge helping hand matt ackland e. >> i am pledging one million mil dollars. >> reporter: one million dollars unexpected so welcomed. s it happened at a luncheon in street village which helps women in need. ne them wanted to hear oprah's inspirational words, boy theyo got so much more e. >> i thank you in the street foreseeing, hearing and knowing that every life matters, every e woman matters. >> my mom dropped me off. she walked me in here. >> reporter: linda rush introduced open pray yesterday, for years lindape was addicted o crack involved in prostitution and at one time before finding in street village linda wanted to reach out to oprah. >> 20 years ago i wanted to write her a letter and ask her to help me get into a programror the people i was getting high with they were like she
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>> don't cry. don't cry. >> reporter: they're happyor teaser. >> yeah. >> you can see the impact theree oprah had on them. >> it's casing amazing somebody like her will come in seems like an in significant portion ofon what she's worth its amazing good to see she's continuing p the legacy. are you planning on heading to movies they apparently have free air conditioning. con >> kevin mccarthy has the reviews, we're going to talk about them after the the break. break.
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>> all right so if you are on s twitter you might want to chango your password.
6:36 pm
33 million twitter log in credentials its the real deal. stolen passwords were unfortunately result of a datata but malware attacks, high profile twitter at taxes including katie perry, drake, and mark mark zuckerberg. >> apple making changes they will show paid adds. they get consumers to subscriben for at least asu year, the goalg say make more money for itself s and independent software developers who make apps. apps there's a problem that'shat' common teens and children addicted to personal electronic and cell phones. >> me three month old can't stop stare ring at the tv: it'st'
6:37 pm
with ways to get their children to unplug. >> reporter: for. children the glow that lights up faces now n comes from their electronicc device, especially their cell phones. >> you get anxiety for more thar 10 feet away its my life line it don't know what i would do without it. >> there so hooked into theiredi device, left to their own device, they will just use them all the time even fit is a beautiful day outside. >> reporter: lance is not only achieve correspondent he is also a father, he came up with five ways to get screen time under control from setting grouped rules to creating a barter system. >> you can do things like set up a barter system where it's like, okay, you want your phone for half hour do half an hour of homework. or do half
6:38 pm
outside activities: >> reporter: these folks are putting off giving their teens phones. >> my wife keeps asking us to get him a cell phone i say he'sa 10 who's he going to call. >> there are so many different people out there you don't know who they are detectiveing so many different things gong on. >> reporter: she keeps her 13 year old julia off her phone with that spending time with hed and by setting a good example. >> kids will do 90% of what they see that their parents do.o. so, i'm not on my phone all thee time. and i say, hey, let's do a hobby, let's take a walk, help e mommy make dinner, i'll give her activities to get her offerer phone. >> reporter: fox 5 news. >> that's a tricky thing,. >> i love the reports of kids young kids who are so used to playing ipad or iphone pick opoe newspapers and try too swipe it.
6:39 pm
>> they don't know how to use hw it. >> oh my gosh. lots to look forward to in my house. there are three new movies at the box office. >> sequel for horror film and movie based on a popular video game series. >> here's kevin mccarthy withy his reviews. >> hey i'm here with movie review including three brand nary lyses, now you see me 2, the conjuring two, war craft based on the video game. now you see me two is a sequel to the first film. the film dealt with a robin hood type them. this time around they are tryine to pull off a heist. he is the villain in the film. there's a major cast morgan freeman, dave frankel, lids seea caplan is standing in because, fr
6:40 pm
first one i enjoyed the first half. all the magic in the first half introduction to the character were fantastic. problem bit first movie as thes second half rolled around magic tricks weren't, i gave it a three and a half out of five. this one has hospital sit effect ends strong starts week i really wanted more of the magic from the horseman. there are two great scene one scene in particular where he makes the rain slow down andrain reverse that shot was reallylly really cool. one major heist scene with all the horse men in an electronic room that scene was very very cost i didn't think it loved up to the first w i thought it hadg script issues, dialogue cheese see. i lovelies see caplan, i didn't care for her character in the film. two and a half out of fidg
6:41 pm
theater if you love the firstif one see y this as a rental. the conjuring two the equal to the first film that movie was mv beyond successful. s only cost 20 million dollars to make. made hundreds of million of dollars world why. james wasn't director this film also directed saw films and furious 7, this is based on true files, not based on the film itself, the idea here is that there's a house in london that l has a bunch of malicious spirits inside of it. ed and lorraine go there to tryy to help a mother and her four children to try and stop the spirits from haunting them.he a very very scary film. for me the way the film was shof is what really makes it work. the camera work makes you phellem mersed you feel like you were in the house. h the
6:42 pm
like when a horror film -- you find yourself immersed in the moment. performance are great scarce are great, i think it is carrier than the first over all. shot just as well as the first r gave it a four out of five i definitely screamed. scr next up war craft based on the video game by done can jones, he also directed a film called moon with sam rock well. fantastic director.fa alsont the son of the late david bowie. this war craft as massive budget big blockbuster, they are p fighting humans. i did not play the war craft w game at all as a kid. i walked in there with a fresh mind. i knew something nothing aboutng the story line. emotional performa
6:43 pm
the majority of them, you have amazing actors who actually do performance capture to try to become them on cam remarks you c can feel the human emotion coming through the digital d character that's what makes the movie work. fight sequence incredible to watch. there are some crept issues i c thought the beginning was a little slow but it really picksk up and gets into gear and ends up working over all. i gave it a three and a half out of fidget do not waste your money on im max 3d i didn't think it helped the film whatsoever s kevin mccarthy fox news. >> so i saw the conjuring w i was talking about this with sarah yesterday i'm looking forward to the conjuring two con that was a good movie. >> i didn't see it in the in theaters first time i saw it hbo
6:44 pm
i'll see it. its on the list. >> okay. he said rental. all right stay with us. when we come back gwen will joic us witkh final look at the forecast. >> i'll tell you what air condition, if there's air air conditioning i'm on it. >> popcorn too. into that's true. while you are enjoying the air conditioning i hope you have it fired up at home we appreciate you joining us at six. we'll be back after after this.
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>> folks en south carolina trieo to break the record fort world's largest. last year residents set the the record for brewing the world's r largest container of ice teae t only to see it broken a shorter time later. so, they made 2400 gallons offer ice tea yesterday, 200 gallons more than the current record. r are they going to keep goingo back and forth. f >> set that world record. >> drinking all that tea. >> sweet tea would be pretty pre wonderful right now. >> ice tea in the north from i'm from. >> sweet tea is sweet. >> a pounds of sugar. that's what i was going to say. >> i'm a lemon aid
6:48 pm
>> i like half and half arnold palmer. heat is on fobbing. how you feeling hot hot hot. oh yeah, it is sticking around. we had a real real hot day today. and you know what tomorrow we got a repeat performance foror you. but, but, it's not going to be quite as how many.quit that's at least the up side of the whole situation. you can see the haze outside in that shot in the sky. it is hot and haze see. hashtag, humidity un wanted houseguest. its not going to be quite as bad ba tomorrow. have gusty windsinds tomorrow. that's going to help get the humidity out of the picture. if if you can handle winds you'll beater. sup is going to be another day we're going to be up the '90s temperature wise get prepared. and you'll have to hang on to you're hat. those winds are going to beo kicking in from the west. back to the '80s next week, yes, we're going to get back to where we should be temperature wise a little bit
6:49 pm
highs today not, we were in low to missed '90s breaking a record at dulles. it was actually 93 degrees theye hit 95 degrees. ii want to tell when you you factor in the heat and humidity what it felt like was actualityt warmer than that. so, you factor in that heat andt humidity you actually get the ge heat in dc manassas hit a high of 95. felt like it was 99 degrees at one point 93 fredericksburg feeling like it was 98 college park, 95 feel like it was 97.7. so, yeah, it was a real toastysy one. right now still warm. take a look nicks in the nationsns capital, 94 battle nor. 93 martinsburg 93 degrees pep permit we will start to coolll a down. we still have accompanied orangd in effect for air quality as a result of is
6:50 pm
humidity. if you have any typep of breatheing issue, elderly e people young children be careful out for any extended time. it is really un healthy so justt really be careful.ul. dewpoints right now haveha actually improved from earlier r today. they are into the 50 and 60 but6 you know still it is a little sticky out that as i mentioned humid tonight we will improve by tomorrow. we got a frontal system coming through. this as warm front move throughg today. tomorrow we're going to be goi dealing with passage to have p this cold front. on the backside is where we aree going to get influx of dryer cooler air ed ding in. monday is going to be back to the '80s.the prior to that happening, we're going to have the door open forn the heat to settle in and right now, i can't rule out maybe a highs lated pop up storm herep and there. and we've just have a slight risk of seeing that happen tohat the south of us. you know what there's a lot happening right
6:51 pm
mason dixon line could see one or two of those were going tooig watch that. once we lose daytime heating we'll get improvement. stay hydrated. wear light clotheing. c limit outdoor activities. make sure you are in the shade t or air conditioning. please never ever ever leaveea pets or children in a car even if the window is cracked it is too hot and un safe.t tomorrow 90 degrees by the timey we hit the 3:00 hour if you wanw to jump in the pool. head to the beach tomorrow. tom 66 degrees overnight low for tonight. tomorrow it will be a in windy day and warm day at none hot degrees. here's a look at fox 5 accrue 5 wet 7-day forecast. cooling down beginning of the week. we have another disturbance ano headed our way put us in the chance of storms by hump day. i also wanted to say make surean you chectek on elderly friends, relatives and neighbors becauseo sometimes they don't want to turn their air on or afraid of the bill. into near sweating out
6:52 pm
>> capital pride parade. >> this kind of weather can be dangerous fur not careful. >> go get some sweet tea. >> that's was need. we'll be right right back.
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>> 14 games over 500 and comparm that to last year there were wer only two games over the 50000 mark. let's go to the game bryce harper with high fives. in laying down a beautiful, anthony rendon comes into scorem he makes it two-nothing. if you want more, top of the fifth, nat four nothing, full extension. quite happy with what he's he's seeing. he says i can do more than play defense. here's the
6:55 pm
double, ram mows nat stay hotwsn they win today eightat to nothi. not bad. >> i always want get us above 500, i think now we're 14. we got -- hopefully next stop hopefully 20 who knows where we go from there. >> just when they thought the gaining was back together, skipping voluntary jackson's contract calls for practicectic bonus which he's not getting. gt one person who doesn't get a practice bonus. >> week three of ota week three the same story as week one and week two not about the 89 players that were on the field e for practice today its about t
6:56 pm
one that wasn't. >> so he took the option. >> it is what it is.s. we're going to coach the guys cc that are here. >> i was like dang this guy, i know, man i called him up he up didn't answer the phone call. >> da shawn jackson isn't and calls but fans and players are ready to see the man they call jackpot. >> having a guy like that out here that i can go against and see what he brings to the tableb and switch some things up put more represent wear in my tool m box. >> well you can ask a guy to show up, and you've given him a 500 thousand dollar incentive just to show up for voluntary workouts. jackson was at practice monday that's wall grew dean needed to see, i trust fact if he's notot here he's gett
6:57 pm
shape. a great knowledge of the game was a lot stropping gary thantrp i've seen him before, so, da shawn is going to be just fine. >> jay gruden cestoda shawnrud jackson will be on the field. redskins park brody logan fox 5 sports. >> copy spa america facing parage, game type 7:00. we will highlight a little bit later on tonight for you. f >> foo final check on the it's a hot one. take a look we're going to be in the '90s tomorrow t the good news is it won't be quite as how many as it was today it will bee windy we have just tea winds, that will make it more comfortable. we'll get back to seasonal temperatures. hang in there.ere. >> nice day to hit the
6:58 pm
that does at this time for us right now we will see you tonight after baseball .
6:59 pm
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>> we are fox sports. >> tonight on fox, a clash of contenders. the dynamic outfield led by andrew mccutchen will be on full display. but will face a division foe who is one of the top scoring teams in baseball. >> our division is arguably the best. find someone who is better than ours. >> to play the best, you've got to beat the best. >> since the start of the decade, even years has been giant years. >> the last five years, i world series win for the san francisco san francisco giants. >> they will look to make a run for the fourth division crown.